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Unlimit #3

More than ever, your home comes first.



The tranquility of the Douro in your home.”


Imolimit in Lisbon

Parque das Nações, a pioneer in the capital’s redevelopment, continues to see the birth of new projects. Imolimit is developing in this area a new subdivision that includes commercial areas, services and tourist apartments, totaling 31,000 m2 of above ground area. This prepares Imolimit’s arrival in Lisbon. Don’t miss the details and follow the developments of the new project on our social networks.

UNLimit weekend

Viana do Castelo hosted the UNLimit weekend 2020. The annual meeting of Imolimit’s staff took place on October 11 and was attended by the new Communication and Compliance department, which presented a set of improvement strategies for 2021. Among the subjects in focus were the RGPD (data protection regulation), SQUIM (quality system), an APP dedicated to task management and the employee performance evaluation system. The creation of the new department is another step in the implementation of Imolimit’s policy, promoting increased quality and team performance.

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