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Unlimit #4


“Natural” is the watchword. And it applies to everything: materials, textures, for indoors and outdoors. The idea is to incorporate nature into the home, using what it gives us. We’re talking about raw materials such as wood and stone, which are now more than ever present in architecture. As for exterior spaces, clay and wicker are used a lot in decorative features and furniture.

Finisterra, in a way, had to wait for Alcácer to be discovered by the world”.


When Alcácer do Sal was still hidden away, in its peacefulness, amongst rice paddies and storks’ nests, the Promontório studio chose it to build one of its projects. They called it Finisterra. Although the origins of the project date back to 2006, the difficulty in finding partners to develop it has meant that only now has it been possible to launch. “Finisterra, in a way, had to wait for Alcácer to be discovered by the world” said João Luís Ferreira, architect and one of Promontório’s founding partners.


Civil engineer by training, Filipa Santos (25 years old) made her debut in the world of work when she was hired by Imolimit. She is the most recent addition to the team and her role is to monitor the after-sales services and the quality management system with attention to detail. In a short interview, she talks about her first impressions when she joined Imolimit, about the main challenges she found in this job, about her relationship with her co-workers and about how quickly she integrated in the workgroup.


There are life choices that reveal much more than what appears in an official biography. They are choices that reflect the true character of those who make them and the type of commitment that these people have made to their destiny. Manuel Tarré revealed himself fully when he created ADT, the association whose mission is to support young talent. An article dedicated to a very special partner of Imolimit, to read in full in the 4th edition of UNLIMIT magazine.

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